The Knowledge of Good and Evil

My mind frustrates me.
I can only wrap my head around so much
knowledge, wisdom, and information.
More importantly, I can only understand so much.
I wish that I had a firm grasp on politics, on Christianity,
on world religions, on current events, and on First Aid.
I know. The last one is kind of funny. But still!
I wish I knew all this stuff so that I could constantly save the day,
or at least feel like I can comprehend the world that I live in.

But God created me human.
Isn’t this kind of what got Adam and Eve
into trouble in the first place?
The serpent tempted them with the Tree of
the Knowledge of Good and Evil.
In a way, they wanted to know everything, like God.
Damn it. I want to be God!
Don’t we all?

But do I really want to be like God?
Do I really want to know just how messed up this world is?
On the contrary, I could know just how wonderful it is.
Whatever. It doesn’t matter what I could know,
because my brain is the size of a flea, compared to God.
And yet, the human brain is amazing.
Some people study neuroscience and dedicate their lives to it.
I should just embrace what I’ve got, be grateful.

The reason this is all so significant to me is because
I am trying to figure out how to do my daily devotionals.
Just how should I read my Bible?
Should I read it like a book, to get the main gist?
If I do that, I’ll miss out on the finer details.
If I read and elaborate on one verse at a time, though,
that will take FOREVER.
In addition, shouldn’t I be employing the strict rules of
Bible interpretation that the theologians have used if
I truly want to understand the Bible?
I don’t want to do a superficial interpretation of Bible verses,
taken out of context, and then run with it.
That doesn’t seem to do the Bible justice.

So I stopped reading my Bible for a while,
but I hated seeing such a big, dense book collect dust
on my book shelf.
It nagged at me.
Especially since it was God’s book.
Especially since I started to lose my passion for the Lord.
Especially since I started to lose my mental stability.
I need God, and I need His Word.

So I guess that I’ll just have to settle for choosing a verse
and blogging about my thoughts on it.
Well, I won’t be settling.
I’ll be trusting that God can enlighten me.


Here goes.

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